Category: Managing a Dive Resort

Operating a Dive Resort

This section introduces management principles, techniques, and processes particular to a dive resort, also known as an destination dive center. These principles, techniques, and processes are in addition to the ones presented in Dive Management Essentials.

This section of 'Dive Management' is still 'in the works'. Part One of Scubanomics is 'live': Dive Industry.

Managing a Dive Resort: Topics In The Works

  • Various Dive Resort Structures
  • Should I Buy or Invest in a Dive Resort?
  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Sales & Marketing Channels
  • Wholesale vs. Retail
  • Financing a Dive Resort
  • Merchandising & Inventory Management
  • Staff Management, Training & Coaching
  • Selecting a POS & Booking System
  • Selecting a Web Platform
  • Managing Online Content
  • Managing Your Retail Operations
  • Managing Your Dive School Activities
  • Managing Your Bookings
  • Managing On-Site Repairs & Maintenance
  • Managing On-Site Rental Operations
  • Managing Your Fill Station
  • ...and More

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About The Dive Industry:
  1. Overview: Market data, statistics, and information to understand where the scuba diving industry stands.
  2. Analysis: Thought-provoking questions and findings to help us think creatively about the future of our dive industry.
  3. Strategies: Disruptive and non-disruptive strategies to break the status quo and grow your scuba diving business.