Category: Succeeding as a Dive Professional

How To Make a Good Living Out of Your Passion for Scuba Diving

This section is all about you, as a divemaster or scuba diving instructor. It introduces principles, techniques, and processes to help you build a successful career in the dive industry.

This section of 'Dive Management' is still 'in the works'. Part One of Scubanomics is 'live': Dive Industry.

Succeeding As A Dive Professional: Topics In The Works

  • Your Personal Branding & Marketing
  • How To Build a Successful Career in Diving
  • Should I Remain Independent or Join a Dive Center?
  • Social Media For a Dive Pro
  • Your Role in a Dive Center Sales
  • How To Sell Your Services & Yourself
  • Instructor Card - Then What?
  • Life as a Scuba Diving Instructor
  • Life as a Divemaster
  • ...and More

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‘Live’ on Scubanomics

The pool is opened on the following sections of

About The Dive Industry:
  1. Overview: Market data, statistics, and information to understand where the scuba diving industry stands.
  2. Analysis: Thought-provoking questions and findings to help us think creatively about the future of this industry.
  3. Strategies: Disruptive and non-disruptive strategies to break the status quo and grow your dive business.
Dive Industry Support Services:
  1. Dive Industry Consulting Services.
  2. Dive Industry Guest Speaker.
  3. Management Books, Digital Tools and References for The Dive Industry.