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Management Books & Digital Tools for Scuba Diving Professionals & Dive Business Operators

This section provides shortcuts to management books & tools we believe can help you successfully operate your dive business. For more extensive support, please consult the section on the Business of Diving Institute Products & Services.

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Practical directories, references, and shortcuts:

  • Dive Training Agencies
  • Dive Industry Tradeshows
  • Scuba Diving Consumer Shows

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About The Dive Industry:
  1. Overview: Market data, statistics, and information to understand where the scuba diving industry stands.
  2. Analysis: Thought-provoking questions and findings to help us think creatively about the future of this industry.
  3. Strategies: Disruptive and non-disruptive strategies to break the status quo and grow your dive business.
Dive Industry Support Services:
  1. Dive Industry Consulting Services.
  2. Dive Industry Guest Speaker.
  3. Management Books, Digital Tools and References for The Dive Industry.