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Raising The Bar in The Scuba Diving Industry

"If it's not growing, it's going to die." ~Michael Eisner, former CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

We reviewed statistics, information and market data on the dive industry. And we performed a few analysis to find opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. Now, it's time to discuss creative strategies, whether disruptive or not, to put this industry back on a path to growth. More precisely we want to find ways to provide enhanced value to divers at a lower cost, make scuba diving more appealing to non-divers, and find unexplored paths to growth - while championing consistency in the quality of the experience to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the dropout rate.


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About The Dive Industry:
  1. Overview: Market data, statistics, and information to understand where the scuba diving industry stands.
  2. Analysis: Thought-provoking questions and findings to help us think creatively about the future of our dive industry.
  3. Strategies: Disruptive and non-disruptive strategies to break the status quo and grow your scuba diving business.