We can’t be scuba diving 24/7. But we can pretend we are! That’s where scuba diving novels come handy – especially during these long and boring surface intervals at the office. And it is cheaper than therapy!

1. Scuba Novels by Eric Douglas

Many of you will remember Eric as the former director of training & education at DAN. He deserves a section of his own as he is the most prolific scuba novel author we know of – starting with a 10-book series with underwater hero Mike Scott, in order:

  1. Cayman Cowboys: Reefs Under Pressure
  2. Flooding Hollywood: Fanatics at the Dam
  3. Guardians’ Keep: Mystery below the Adriatic
  4. Wreck of the Huron: Cuban Secrets
  5. Heart of the Maya: Murder for the Gods
  6. Return to Cayman: Paradise Held Hostage
  7. Oil and Water: Crash in Curacao
  8. The 3rd Key: Sharks in the Water
  9. Turks and Chaos: Hostile Waters
  10. Water Crisis: Day Zero

If you like the Mike Scott series of novels, you will also like Eric’s short stories from the Florida Keys:

2. Other Interesting Scuba Diving Novels

We love Eric’s novels but there are many other scuba diving novels we also enjoyed reading. It helps us remain immersed in the underwater world while being on land.

What’s Next?

If you know of other scuba novels worth a read, let us know.